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Forward Galley with Crew Rest – 16 PAX Configuration

Enhanced Navigation (FANS 1/A – CPDLC) + ADS-B Out


Interior Refurbishment and New Paint in 2017

Recent 96 month inspection done in 2019

Engines and APU on JSSI pro-rated


3,335 TSN – 1,232 CSN



Rolls-Royce BR700-710C4-11

Left Engine: s/n 15710 – TSN – 1,229 CSN

Right Engine: s/n 15711 – 3,327 TSN – 1,229 CSN



Honeywell RE220

s/n P-605 – 4,242 TSN


*As of June, 2020




NEW PAINT IN 2017 – Custom Paint Scheme




PlaneView™ Enhanced Navigation Package / Primus Epic® Suite


including Four (4) 13x10-inch (Du-1310) LCD Electronic Display System

Dual Fail-Operational Automatic Flight Control System

Dual Autothrottle

Primus Epic Integrated Radio System including Dual Modular Radio Cabinets with Digital Radios

Honeywell AV-900 Digital Audio System Including Telephony and SELCAL

Dual Communications Management Function (CMF)

Honeywell Head Up Display / Visual Guidance System

Kollsman Enhanced Vision System II (EVS II)

Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel

Triple Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules

Honeywell Primus 880 Color Weather Radar with Turbulence Detection

Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters

Dual Rockwell Collins High Frequency Comms

Airborne Flight Info. System (AFIS) with SATCOM and Cockpit Printer

Honeywell TCAS 2000 Tra‰c Collision Avoidance System (TCAS-II) with Change 7.1 Software

Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) with Windshear Detection

Triple Honeywell Comms with 8.33 kHz Spacing Dual Honeywell Navs with FM Immunity

Dual Honeywell ADFs Dual Honeywell DMEs Dual Honeywell (MODE S) ATC Txpdrs w/ Adv. Surveillance Capabilities

Triple Honeywell NZ-2000 Flight Management Systems (FMSs)

Triple Honeywell LASEREF V Micro-Inertial Reference Systems (IRSs)

Dual Honeywell 24-Channel GPS Sensors

Goodrich EBDI-4000 RMI

Goodrich GH-311 Standby Attitude/Altitude/Airspeed

Dual Davtron Digital Clocks

Dual Mason Cursor Control Devices

Digital Flight Data Recorder (88 parameters)

Cockpit Voice Recorder

Honeywell MCS-7000Ň

AirCell Iridium Satellite Telephone System





RVSM / MNPS / RNP5 / RNP10 / 8.33 kHz Spacing / FM Immunity

Gulfstream BBML STC# ST02796AT-D

Synthetic Vision System (ASC 061A)

ASC 084B - Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

ASC 071 - Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System (LSS)


ASC 096 - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out

ASC 105 - Arinc Direct Datalink

ASC 053A - TCAS 7.1 Installation

ASC 103 - Planeview Avionics Enhancements

ASC 107 & ASC 113A -Cockpit Portable Fire Extinguisher (Relocation)

ASC 110 – Nose Landing Gear NLG Harness Installation

ASC 116 - Wireless Local Area Network (LAN)

SecuraPlane 500 Security System / SecuraPlane Camera System

Cabin Audio/Video Package

(5) 7” Widescreen LCD Monitors (Mounted in the Inboard Armrest of Each Single Passenger Seat)

(2) 20” LCD Monitors (in the Forward & Aft Cabin Bulkheads)

Recliner-type Leg Rests (All Single Seats)

Cabin Bulkheads Between Cabins 2 & 3 with Electrically Operated Pocket Door





16 PAX Configuration

4-Place Club Arrangement in the Forward Cabin

4-Place Conference Group Opposite a Credenza in the Mid-Cabin

Dual 4-Place Divan in the Aft Cabin

Full Service Forward Galley Configuration

Forward Crew Rest Compartment & Lavatory with Vacuum Toilet

Cabin Bulkheads between Cabins 2 & 3 with Electrically Operated Pocket Door

Full Aft Lavatory with Sink, Vanity & Vacuum Toilet


Additional Equipment


 Cabin Entertainment/Electronics: The Entertainment System includes the Gulfstream Cabin Audio/video Package

Dual Multi-Region DVD Players

Multi-Disc CD Player

20” LCD Monitor in the Forward Bulkhead

20” LCD Monitor in the Aft Bulkhead

7” Widescreen LCD Monitors at Each Single Seat

The Airshow 4000 Passenger in-Flight Information System provides Real-Time Flight Information and Moving Maps with 3-Dimensional Topography & World Atlas along with up-to-the-minute News, Financials, Sports & Weather Data


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